Podcast #8

PodcastAs you can see there are some changes taking place to ArcherRadio. I have my own domain name for the podcasts, an RSS feed for the podcasts, and this new web page for posting the podcasts. This will be the place for all the podcasts in the future. Listen to the show, post a comment or send an e-mail.


PodcastHere’s another exciting episode of ArcherRadio. During this show we hear some audio clips from DVD’s, voice mail from Homer’s trip to NYC for the big blogger event, read odd news articles from today, and talk about the weekend and cleaning my condo for the boyfriend’s visit.

Podcast #5

PodcastHere is the next edition of Archerr Radio. The majority of the show is spent talking with the boyfriend after a wonderful dinner. We are enjoying a nice bottle of wine and talking about everything. It’s a must hear edition of the show. It also happens the be the longest show to date.

Podcast #4

PodcastHere’s podcast number 4. I talk about The Amazing Race, Microsoft, not having enough time to do everything, a blister on my toe, Spain’s gay marriage law, how far away my listeners are, and other topics. Enjoy!

Podcast #3

PodcastHere is my third podcast. During this show I talk about Wanda Wisdom of Lucky Bitch Radio and how she mentioned my e-mail and show on her show today. I also mentioned how she inspired me to do my own show. Thank you, Wanda! I also talk a lot about podcasts and I get into detail about my photo shoot over the weekend and what happens during the shoot. I know I made an annoying noise with my mouth when I talked. Sorry if that drives anyone nuts. I’ll try to control it in future podcasts. Click on the podcast icon to listen to the episode. The photography section no longer exists.