AR1212 The Oscars and YouTube

PodcastOn this episode I talk about the Oscar nominations and my troubles with YouTube. Leave comments and call the voicemail line: 202-709-3029, Twitter: @RadioArcherr Instagram: @radioarcherr


  1. I loved Timothee Chalamet also in the role of Elio. A gay buddy of mine said he thought the movie was “creepy”. I guess I’m “creepy” for liking it. I’d like to see Timothee be recognized for this role, but he was nominated in the Golden Globes and the SAG awards and was ignored. One thing I can say, Timothee is a very good actor and I’m certain one day he will be recognized.

    1. Hey Nick!

      I couldn’t agree more. I did not think the movie was creepy at all. I loved it as you know. I hope he is recognized as well. I hope he wins the Oscar but not sure it will happen. We will see! Thanks for the comment!!

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