1. A corkage fee is one thing, but THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS?!! Holy crap! Restaurants and cafes in New Zealand often, though not always, charge a fee, but it’s always a small token fee (maybe $10, give or take) because it’s supposedly just to cover the cost of using their glassware (since pretty much all wine sold in New Zealand has screw caps, the servers don’t have to do anything challenging to open the bottle).

    Actually, the fact that screw caps are always controversial with wine people. Maybe you could talk about that sometime.

    1. Yes! $35! It ranges from restaurant to restaurant. Some are as low as $10 but we’ve seen it as high as $50 at a high end restaurant. Screw caps are a whole other controversy. We can go into that another time. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Archer my dear, register your fingers after lotion has been put on. Leave the other fingerprint from no lotion registered. Then it should work either way. I had the same issue trying to use my phone immediately after taking a shower. I registered a wet thumbprint and all is well.

    1. OMG!! What a great idea! It hadn’t even occurred to me to fix by using the phone. I thought I was going to have to change lotions or something. Hahaha….thank you SO much! I’m sure that will work!

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